ChordSet is a utility device which allows to program, store and play “one-finger” chords. When programming chords, the device offers total flexibility: just select a root note, and then use the shift knobs to start stacking additional notes. For each instance of ChordSet, you can program a total of 12 chords of up to 7 notes each.
Connect it to your favorite sound modules (synths, samplers, etc.) via the Note and Gate CV outputs, and play complex, luscious chords with a single key press!


Slider is a utility device for the Reason rack which takes inspiration from Propellerhead’s Figure iOS app. Just like in the app, you play instruments by moving over a pitch surface which contains a selection of notes from a given scale. This is a fast, intuitive, and fun way to create lead and bass lines.
Instead of your finger, in Slider you use the mouse cursor to move over the pitch surface, unless you have a touch screen or have mapped the device to an external XY pad!


JammeR Loops Trigger Module is a utility rack extension which allows you to program and trigger scenes of loops from multiple Dr.Octorex players, also known as “decks”. A scene can be composed of any combination of loops from each of the decks. Scenes can be triggered by pressing the trigger buttons with the mouse, by MIDI notes, or by note and gate CV. Each device can have up to 8 scenes and simultaneously trigger up to 6 decks. Version 2.0 brings a new UI, scene edit menu, single slot triggers and support for many MIDI grid controllers like the Novation Launchpads, Ableton Push, Maschine Jam and APC Mini.
JammeR is the ideal companion for jamming with rex loops both in the studio and on stage!