NoteMix and ToneRows Players released

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Over the past month, we have released two new Players in the Propellerhead Shop. They are both what we call “utility” players because they are quite versatile and can be used in many different applications.

NoteMix is a multifunction player which can affect incoming notes from midi clips, from CV, or both. It can be used as a

  • mixer to adjust the velocity levels of incoming notes based on user definable note ranges
  • pitch shifter to shift the pitch of all or selected ranges of incoming notes
  • combiner of notes from 8 distinct CV input sources
  • note splitter with up to 8 bands which can be affected independently
  • note filter to isolate or remove notes based on user defined ranges
  • CV utility with snapshots morphing to control parameters on other devices in the rack via control voltage


ToneRows is another multi purpose utility player. It can be a helpful tool for composition but it can also open up new uses for existing devices, for example allowing Redrum to sequence notes or playing a synth with Kong. These are just few examples of the potential uses of the device:

  • as a composition aid, to quickly try variations of existing MIDI clips, to perform key and mode changes, to create negative melodies and harmonies, and to experiment with the techniques of serial music
  • use the gate outputs from Kong’s pads to play notes on a synth or sampler, trigger specific slices or entire loops in Dr.OctoRex, play drum VSTs like Maschine, Battery, etc
  • use drum sequencers like Grid64g, Redrum or the Drum Sequencer to sequence notes with the ability to reassign the notes by changing the row selection
  • combine several gate inputs from different sources to create intricate melodic lines with the ability to quickly reassign the notes triggered by each input source by changing the row selection

Head on to the Propellerhead Shop to find out more and download the trials.