Reason 11 is here

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Reason 11 has been released to the public. As with every new version of the programme, the question of compatibility comes up. So hopefully this short FAQ is going to help.


Q. Are your products compatible with Reason 11?

A. The short answer is YES! All of our products have been tested and are compatible with the latest version of Reason 11 in standalone mode.

Q. Are the new devices introduced in Reason 11 supported?

A. YES! The remote maps have been updated to include support for Channel Dynamics, Channel EQ, Master Compressor, Quartet, Sweeper, and Scenic Hybrid Instrument. Login into your account and download the maps updater for your product.

Q. Do your products work to control Reason as a rack VST?

A. Unfortunately that’s not possible. The VST version of Reason does not implement the Remote protocol which is used to make our products work.