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Harmony based Note Corrector || Filter 


Freedom to experiment

NoteSet is a player device which works in conjunction with the ChordSet Rack Extension. The player corrects or filters incoming notes to the closest note in the chord received at the CV inputs from the ChordSet device. It can be used to correct or filter notes played live from a MIDI keyboard, from MIDI clips in the sequencer or from devices like Matrix or similar.

NoteSet does not use a predefined musical scale, it’s always adapting to the chords being played. The same incoming notes are corrected or filtered to different notes with each new chord, and this can create more interesting melodic and bass parts. 

Once you have a chord progression, you are free to experiment with new musical ideas knowing that every note you play is going to work well with your chords.



Summary of features

  • correction or filtering of incoming notes based on the chords received at the CV inputs on the back panel
  • works in conjunction with the ChordSet device or similar*
  • the left side of the display shows the chord notes received at the CV inputs
  • the right side of the display shows the incoming note and the outgoing note (corrected or filtered)
  • Chord Thru mode: when enabled, the player can be used to write the chords received from the ChordSet RE to midi notes in the sequencer or pass them to a connected device
  • when the player is turned Off, it forwards incoming notes down the line to connected devices without correction or filtering


* NoteSet does not support Blamsoft Polynote/Polygate protocol


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