MaschineR released for the Mikro controllers

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Today we are releasing a version of MaschineR which works with the Maschine Mikro MK1 and MK2 controllers. Check it out on the MaschineR product page!

It features:

  • control surface which adapts automatically to the device selected in Reason with special modes for Kong, Redrum and Dr.Octorex
  • programming of the Redrum step sequencer directly from the hardware
  • multiple LCD pages for navigating tracks, changing patches, adjusting device parameters and basic transport and mixer control with the data encoder
  • a virtual LCD display showing the value of any parameter adjusted using the data encoder
  • mapping of all Reason native devices and over 150 Rack Extensions
  • 25 selectable scale types when playing synth and sampler instruments
  • scene mode to navigate to different section of the songs using the pads
  • note repeat synced to song tempo and many useful key shortcuts available from the controller