Introducing Grid64P2 Generative Player

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The next device in the Grid64 line of Player Rack Extensions for Reason is now available from the Reason Studios Shop.

The Grid64 model P2 player offers three generative engines which take inspiration from physical systems to create notes. The user can interact with the these systems to control various aspects of the generative process. A great tool to spark new musical ideas, especially fun to use when paired with a compatible MIDI grid controller!

  • Engine 1 mimics the motion of particles moving in a maze of blocks. As the particles randomly make their way thru the maze, notes are being generated based on the grid cells that they have visited. 
  • Engine 2 mimics the motion of particles bouncing off the walls of a closed container. Notes are generated when a particles visits a cell where a block exists. 
  • Engine 3 mimics the evolution of a 1 dimensional cellular automata system. For each generation, some cells live on while other dies. Cells which are alive trigger notes if they happen to have a block at their location. 

The grid itself is fully programmable. Notes can be assigned freely to each cell and saved into one of two map locations. Several edit functions make it easy to fully customize the maps.

The device can be used with an 8×8 grid MIDI controller. The models supported are the Novation Launchpads, NI Maschine Jam, Ableton Push and the Akai APC Mini. You can download custom Remote files which enable two-way communication with Reason HERE (standalone mode only, not supported in the Reason Rack plugin)