Introducing ChordSQ player for Reason

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We are happy to announce the release of the ChordSQ player Rack Extension for Reason, a device designed to help you create chord progressions.

At the heart of the player is a 16-step sequencer which is triggered when receiving a note from an external keyboard or MIDI track. For each step of the sequence, you select a root note and choose a chord from the available presets. Then you can change the chord voicing, add a bass note, set a duration and velocity. Each parameter has dedicated edit menus so that the selected steps can be altered easily. To help you choose chords, set a key and scale and the interface highlights which notes and chords are in key.

The device has three operation modes. In mode 1, any note triggers the sequence. In mode 2, a note triggers the sequence and it also transposes it up or down (no transposition when you play C3). Finally, in mode 3, notes C1 to D#2 play the chords in slots 1 to 16 without triggering the sequence. This last mode turns the player into a one-finger chorder which can store up to 64 chords per patch. There are 4 sequence variations per patch, and they can be switched “live” during play.

For more information and to download the demo, please head on to the Reason Studios ChordSQ product page.