Monophonic Note Sequencer

Rack Extension for Reason

Lead and bass lines specialist

The Grid64n Rack Extension is a note sequencer device which excels at creating monophonic sequences, like lead and bass lines. It features:

  • 32 steps matrix with control of the direction, rate and length of each pattern
  • step input of notes with control of the note type, octave, length (from 1/32 to 1/2 bar), velocity and trigger probability
  • various pattern edit functions, including randomize, alter, remix, shift left or right, shift octave up or down
  • 16 scale types with a quantize to scale function
  • 16 scenes with recording of scene changes in the main sequencer
  • scene CV In and Out to chain several devices together for more complex sequencing arrangements
  • CV out per step with various mode including bipolar, inverse, rectified positive and negative

    Hands on fun

    Just like its sibling Grid64g, the central part of the UI was designed to be controlled from an 8×8 grid controller.

    Grid64n can be used with any of the Novation Launchpad controllers, Ableton Push, and Maschine Jam. Once your controller is set up in Reason, programming the device becomes a fast, intuitive and fun experience. Switch patterns live and record your performance straight into the Reason sequencer.

    Download the trial from the Reason Studios Shop and get the Remote Files below to set up your midi controller in Reason.