ChordSet and NoteSet updates

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ChordSet and NoteSet are more powerful than ever. With the addition of “Link” mode, you can now link custom scales for note correction in NoteSet to specific chords played with ChordSet for even more freedom when composing or improvising.

ChordSet version 1.7.0 includes:

  • many workflow improvements, including single click access to the edit menu, one-step copy and paste from one slot to another, more chord presets now better organized in sub-menus, the shift note displays show both semitones and actual note names, quick shortcuts to changing slots and learning chords from MIDI 
  • new Link CV output which allows to link chords to custom scales in the NoteSet Player
  • expanded factory patches with Pop and Jazz chord progressions

NoteSet version 1.1.0 includes:

  • expanded modes of operation, including “Automatic”, “Linked”, “Static” and “Chord Thru”
  • in “Linked” mode, the user can create custom scales for note correction for any chord coming from ChordSet
  • the user can define the Min and Max range for the incoming/outgoing notes

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